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Inside the C++ Object Model pdf download

Inside the C++ Object Model by Stanley B. Lippman

Inside the C++ Object Model

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Inside the C++ Object Model Stanley B. Lippman ebook
Format: pdf
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0201834545, 9780201834543
Page: 182

Please refer to the indepth book on C++ Internals by Stanley B. Inside C++ Object Model - книга очень интересная. I have had a number of interviews in which the interviewer asked questions straight out of “Inside the C++ Object Model” by Stan Lippman. ȿ�种称为procedural, 由一组算法函数所驱动, 他们处理的是共同的外部数据. Book - Inside the C++ Object Model. Inside the C++ Object Model focuses on the underlying mechanisms that support object-oriented programming within C++: constructor semantics, temporary. Over the Christmas holiday break, I read 'Inside the C++ Object Model' so here I would like to briefly comment on the book and summarize it. M_thunk.op_call = 0xE9; // 获得Dummy::memberCallback的具体地址。关于成员函数与类对象的关系 // 请参阅Stan Lippman 的<> // 用汇编获得地址省去了用C++带来的难看的语法. Data语义学:一.一个类得实际大小受到三个因素影响:1.语言本身所造成的额外负担.比如virtual ,虚基类.2.编译器对于特殊情况所提供的优化处理3.内存对齐(Alignment)的限制. As a side note theres a nice discussion Stanley Lippman makes in his book "Inside the C++ Obect Model", about not placing your variables at the beginning of the Function or scope in which they're defined ( that have multiple exit branches ), and to prefer putting them where they are actually used, due to the number of extra destructor calls and other compiler augmented code necessary for the C++ object model to work as expected. Я сейчас её перечитываю и проверяю некоторые вещи в дебаггере при использовании ассемблера, то есть смотрю какой код создается компилятором. Software development ecosystems hypertransport system architecture - 1st ed inside java 2 platform security second edition inside the c++ object model by stanley b. Ŝ�C中, 数据和处理数据的操作是分开声明的, 语言本身并没有支持数据和函数之间的关联性. Lippman (he worked on implementing/maintaining C-front the original C++ implementation at Bell Labs).

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